A retainer is like a deposit or down payment. We evaluate your case on an individual basis and try to quote our retainer based on the complexity of the issues. In a very simple uncontested divorce, our retainer may cover all your costs. We do everything we can to keep your case simple, but often a divorce becomes more complex than you expected. If we have to spend additional time working on your behalf, we charge a reasonable hourly rate for our time.

From the first filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, it can take anywhere from a minimum of ten days without minor children to a minimum of ninety days if you have minor children. These timeframes are often extended due to various circumstances that arise.

The only counseling Oklahoma requires is if you have minor children each parent must complete an approved parenting class prior to the finalization of the divorce.

Yes. The Oklahoma Courts do not assign fault in the process of dissolving a marriage. As such, if one party has committed an act outside the marriage or some violent act against the other party, the Court will not consider these factors when dissolving the marriage. While we are a “No Fault” Divorce state, matters addressed in the Petition and Answer may have an effect on other issues in the dissolution, including matters concerning support and minor children involved in the dissolution.

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