Military Divorce

Oklahoma City Military Divorce Attorneys

Military families face different challenges when marriages break up, so it is best to work with an attorney who understands and supports military families and the ways in which a military divorce can differ from a civilian divorce.

Our Law Firm Resolves Issues Of Child Custody, Visitation And Property Division

Military divorce is conducted not in military courts but in civilian courts. Many of the issues in need of resolution are unique to the military, including military pay and retirement benefits.

Because of these differences, ordinary divorce lawyers may be unable to help in the processes of asset valuation and property division, or determining child custody, visitation and — where appropriate — spousal maintenance.

McGill & Rodgers is a proud supporter of Oklahoma military families on active duty or retired, and also of service members deployed abroad who have family here. We represent both service members and spouses. Our goal is a fair process to make this difficult process less painful for those who have already given their country so much.