Locating Assets

Oklahoma City Marital Asset Attorneys

The process of property division in divorce can be simple and straightforward. Sometimes, however, the process is complicated by the suspicion that one or both sides are not presenting complete information about their marital assets.

Hiding assets has the effect of rigging the game. It affects not only property division but also child support and spousal support calculations.

Edmond Asset Distribution Lawyers

When this happens, it becomes necessary to identify and locate these assets, so that all assets are accounted for. At McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we avail ourselves of every tool to hunt down and evaluate the assets in question. We can issue subpoenas to obtain necessary documents and compel testimony. We can locate financial and other relevant documents. We examine tax returns, investment records, even bank accounts set up in children's names. We leave no stone unturned.

Locating Assets For Fairer Divorces

The Edmond, Oklahoma, law firm of McGill & Rodgers is trained in the discipline of asset location. We know the many ways some people try to hide assets. They range from creating dummy corporations to setting up trusts and offshore accounts, to transferring titles and deeds, to transferring cash into traveler's checks.