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Oklahoma City Complex Divorce Lawyers

McGill & Rodgers: Thriving On Complexity

Many family law firms lack the skills to be successful in handling complex divorce proceedings, which require advanced analytical capabilities. McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law is one firm that thrives on this kind of complexity. We work with clients to prioritize and preserve their property rights throughout the litigation.

Successful, Effective Edmond Business Division Attorneys

A complex divorce is typically marked by one or more features:

  • Ownership of a business or multiple businesses
  • Ownership of many homes or other real estate
  • Significant and diverse investments
  • Multiple retirement benefits
  • Inheritances received before and during the marriage
  • Trusts received before and during the marriage
  • Ownership of high-value items that might require expert appraisal
  • Family members like adult children and grandparents who have a stake in the divorce outcome

Rational Division Of Real Estate Property And Other Assets

At McGill & Rodgers, our lawyers help in the valuation and appraisal of marital assets, consulting when necessary with skilled valuation experts, accountants and real property professionals. We help clients separate individual assets from marital property, and are skilled at valuing and dividing retirement accounts and benefits, investment portfolios and real estate.

Oklahoma law is known for its many exceptions and exclusions in the area of property valuation. McGill & Rodgers is familiar with these complexities and will guide you toward a sound outcome.

Tangled up in marital property? There is help in Edmond, Guthrie and Oklahoma City. Complex divorce attorneys of McGill & Rodgers can help unravel these financial knots and obtain the results you want. Contact us online or call us at 405-562-6243 or 866-492-4316 (toll free).

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