Property Division

Oklahoma City Property Division Lawyers

When your divorce is finalized, you will be embarking on a new path. The office of McGill & Rodgers, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, strives to ensure that your path is solid and your financial outlook is clear. We strive to arrive at property settlement agreements in a manner that protects your personal and business assets as well as your future.

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Taking the Proper Precautions

As skilled divorce attorneys, we recognize that arriving at a favorable property settlement can often involve pre-divorce planning. If you are considering divorce and have questions about what you can do now to prepare for divorce proceedings, we can talk to you about various strategies. We can help you prepare for divorce even if you are months or years away from being ready to file.

Protecting Your Property and Assets

Our law firm frequently represents people and their spouses who are physicians, lawyers, real estate agents, contract laborers, oil and gas contractors, teachers, chiropractors, medical professionals, small to mid-sized business owners, IT workers, insurance agents, and more. Many of our clients are self-employed or are married to someone who is self-employed.

When we are handling a divorce with substantial assets to be divided, we will often work with accountants and business valuation experts. Experts such as these can often be instrumental to a case when one party suspects the other is hiding assets or falsifying financial documents. These experts analyze tax returns, income statements, profit and loss statements, and other financial documents to help us obtain accurate financial information.

In addition to businesses, we handle the fair division of items such as:

  • Marital residences
  • Rental properties
  • Vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles and boats
  • Stocks
  • Complex retirement plans
  • Contingent retirement plans
  • Inheritance
  • Trusts
  • Antique heirlooms

We are adept at identifying the separate property and protecting your property and assets.

Our lawyers are aware that not every client will want to incur the cost of hiring experts. We are consistently conscious of the cost to you, and we tailor our services to what you want. We will take your case to court if necessary, but we will help you weigh the cost of a courtroom battle over "giving up" an item. Essentially, we work to make sure you do not spend money on something that will not benefit you in the long run. If we believe it would be better to seek a compromise, we will tell you so.