Victim Protective Orders (VPOs)

At times there are emergency situations that will not wait for a date on the court docket. There is trouble in the home, and it is necessary to act quickly.

At McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we are frequently involved in requesting emergency orders, aimed at preventing one person from harming others. Our goal is to minimize damage and trauma in very difficult situations.

Protective Orders for Difficult Situations

There are different kinds of protective orders and restraining orders. We can help explain them to you.

  • Domestic abuse, when someone in your household harms you or threatens to harm you
  • Harassment, when someone seeks to intimidate or seriously annoy you
  • Stalking, a form of harassment where a person follows you or imposes unconsented contact with you

Don't Write - Call the Law Firm of McGill & Rodgers Now

We will move quickly on behalf of you and your child. If you are in a true emergency, don't contact us by email. Instead, call the Oklahoma City domestic violence attorneys at McGill & Rodgers immediately at 405-285-8048.