Oklahoma City Child Custody Modification Attorneys

Much as we all wish the circumstances surrounding divorce would always stay the same, things are always changing. Divorce decrees and custody arrangements become out of date just like anything else. People get promoted, lose their jobs, move, or an individual's physical and mental health can change. All these changes make court orders seem like they are written for someone else. At McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law, attempting to modify court orders so they reflect current reality is an important function of our firm.

Edmond Support Modification Lawyers

Sometimes divorced couples agree to significant changes from court orders without modifying orders with the court. This may seem like a good idea when everyone is getting along, and going to court again seems like a lot of trouble.

But do-it-yourself modifications are a big mistake. One day the peace may be shattered and one ex-spouse could take the other ex-spouse to court for various issues. It is always better to make formal modifications with the court, and McGill & Rodgers has enjoyed excellent success shaping these modifications to meet clients' objectives.

We would be pleased to discuss modifications to your original decree or to court orders relating to child support, child custody and visitation, and spousal support/alimony. We are also available to discuss issues relating to enforcement of orders.

Yes, You Can Change Custody Agreements

To learn more about post-divorce modification, contact McGill & Rodgers today. Our attorneys are happy to meet with you and discuss the changes you want made.