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Just because the court issues an order does not mean the order is always obeyed by a party. It often occurs that one party or another in a divorce decides to ignore the terms of the decree. They may stop paying alimony, stop paying child support or ignore visitation schedules. After all, what can the court do?

The answer is, quite a lot. It should never be an option for divorced parties to refuse to comply with court orders. Court orders are to be followed by both parties in a divorce.

Oklahoma City And Edmond Contempt Order Lawyers

The family lawyers of McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law have enjoyed many years of success seeking enforcement of these orders, and having the defiant parties held in contempt. We handle cases involving nonpayment of child support and spousal support.

Our attorneys also defend clients wrongfully accused of failure to comply when such accusations are made to cause embarrassment or out of spite. And there are times when complying has become impossible and clients need representation in getting themselves out of trouble.

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We understand that there are often legitimate reasons for nonpayment or underpayment of support. A change of circumstances, like loss of a job, may be the cause of nonpayment. In cases such as this, modification of court orders can usually be worked out. But the negligent parties are not "off the hook" for what the court ordered. Once enforcement orders are issued, the penalties for noncompliance are stiff: the court can garnish your wages and tax returns for immediate payment, with penalties.

Otherwise, the court can compel a noncompliant spouse to pay alimony or support and extra penalties by garnishing wages and tax returns.