Alimony disputes can bring progress in divorce proceedings to a halt. At McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we represent both sides in alimony or spousal support hearings. We also initiate and respond to requests to modify existing alimony decrees.

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Unlike child support, which uses a formula to arrive at the amount to be paid, spousal support relies more on the decision of a judge. The judge bases his or her decision on the need and ability to pay of the two parties, plus a variety of other factors. With no hard-and-fast formula to rely on, judges are free to form their own opinions. In this kind of situation, it is wise to have an experienced alimony lawyer on your side to put your situation in the most positive light possible.

Alimony or spousal support is never a given. There are two main types of support:

  • Temporary support, to be paid until the divorce process is completed
  • Rehabilitative support, paid for a limited time to enable job training, study or transition to post-married life

One of my favorite things my lawyer said to me during my divorce process was “We are not a bakery. We do not sugar coat things.” This was very reassuring that I wasn’t just being told what I wanted to hear. I knew my lawyer had my best interests at heart the entire time.

Creative Support Payment Solutions

Some firms churn out spousal support cases, each one the same as the last. Our approach at McGill & Rodgers is to consider each client's story as unique and requiring personal attention.

Alimony can be awarded in the form of monthly payments, annual payments or a lump sum settlement.

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The laws relating to alimony and spousal maintenance are complex, and so you require the services of an experienced alimony attorney. We at McGill & Rodgers Attorneys and Counselors at Law pride ourselves on our knowledge of the law and our attention to detail. LeAnne McGill and Faye Rodgers have been down this path with many clients, creating solutions that match needs and budgets. We are happy to help establish a solution that is right for you.